5 Different Shoe Lacing Techniques To Help With Pressure Points and Pain

Lacing Techniques

When it comes to footwear shoelaces are often overlooked. Simple changes and adjustments to your laces can significantly influence your shoe fit and comfort. As Podiatrists we often use lace adjustments to allow more room in shoes, offload high pressure areas, accommodate orthotics and stop slip just to name a few. 

Volume lacing:

Helpful lacing change to allow more volume or room in your shoe. Typically used for patients with a wider foot or high arch. This technique reduces pressure through to top of the foot.

Forefoot volume lacing:

This lacing technique is very commonly used in the clinic by our podiatrists to reduce pressure on painful forefoot concerns such as bunions, neuroma/bursitis. This lacing technique is also helpful for people with a wide foot or wide forefoot. 

Lock lacing:

Great lacing technique to reduce any ‘slip’ at the back of your shoe. Also helps to increase firmness and feeling of support through rear aspect of the shoe. Great for people who feel their orthotic is causing them to lift out of the back of their shoe, perfect for those who like a firm fit and feel with their laces and also a great adjustment to sport shoes (particularly sports which involve lots of change of direction/ side to side movement such as netball and basketball). 

Midfoot lock lacing:

Helpful lacing technique for those with a narrow foot or who find themselves slipping forward in their shoes. Often podiatrists will use this lacing style for patients who tend to have repat toe nail trauma from sliding into the ends of footwear.



These lacing techniques can often be used in combination with one another to achieve the perfect lace for you.

Changing your lacing technique is something you can try at home yourself, the best part is if it does not work for you it is simple and easy to change you laces back! Our podiatrists are knowledgeable with all the tips and tricks when it comes to getting your laces just right, for whatever you’re doing!

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