5 Reasons You Have Heel Pain and What You Can Do

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The Causes for the Most Common Reason For Pain on The Bottom of The Heel

Pain underneath the bottom of the heel is caused by a large variety of conditions that are associated with a variety of structures and diagnosis’. It is important to have a full assessment and diagnosis to differentiate between plantar fasciitis and other conditions which can cause similar symptoms. Today we are looking at pain underneath the bottom of the heel caused by plantar fasciitis. There is more information around the cause and treatments for plantar fasciitis here. This blog post will look at the 5 most common causes and risk factors for plantar fasciitis.

1. Foot Posture: Foot posture can be seen to be one of the most common reasons for plantar fasciitis. When the foot posture is out of the normal range such as when the arch is higher or lower than normal. The stresses through the area can be increased and this can cause pain into the area.

2. Tight Calves: When the Calf muscle is too tight the stress on the Achilles tendon increases significantly when the Achilles tendon has a high level of stress this can pull on the plantar fasciia and cause pain around the insertion of the plantar fasciia. Tight calves can be one of the biggest  risk factors for plantar fasciitis.

3. Impact Force: Impact forces on the bottom of the heel can cause inflammation, these impact  forces can be caused by a single trauma such as stepping on a stone or the repetitive trauma of trauma that is observed during walking, running or activity.

4. Too much too soon: When activity levels are increased significantly in a short amount of time the tissue doesn’t have time to adapt to the load placed through it. This can cause a rate of tissue break down faster than the tissue can recover and this can cause a degeneration of the  tissue also causing pain through the tissue.

5. High BMI: When your BMI is high the load of both pulling and impact stresses are higher. When your body weight is increased your chance of plantar fasciitis is increased to.

These are some of the most common reasons for plantar fasciitis. Treatments are often related to addressing these causes and putting a long term management plan in place!

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