A Sports Podiatrist’s Look Into The Sub 2 Hour Marathon

Nike’s Attempt at Smashing Down Mental and Physical Barriers!

Over the weekend, an exciting event was planned. After 6 months of preparation including missing multiple races. 3 current champion runners attempted the impossible feat of running at more than 21km’s per hour over a 2 hour period to complete the enormous task of a sub 2 hour marathon. With a finishing time of just 25 seconds over the 2 hour mark at 2:00:25 Kenyan running champion has gone far faster for far longer than anyone before him.

With unique strategies implemented during the run including pacers, hydration and new special shoes. The runners all still failed to make the goal time, so where to from here? It seemed like all conditions were ideal, the runners are freaks on the world stage: current record holders, world champions, uninjured and motivated athletes looking to be the first ones to break a historic barrier in distance running.

The focus from here needs to be in creating the ideal biomechanical running machine, the special custom made shoes are a great look into this, with a stiff sole and lightweight design this is shown to improve running economy. Things need to be exaggerated, we need to work out the most efficient possible way of creating the path of least resistance with each stride.

By creating efficiency changes in human movement, is the way forward to produce real time performance increases for long distance runners. To see what biomechanical inefficiencies can be corrected and improved in your running style book an appointment online. Correcting hese problems can prevent injuries, treat injuries and increase real time performance.

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