At the Foot Clinic, we strive to keep you on your feet. With treatments available at Point Cook and  Yarraville, the aim is to provide best possible Podiatric care. Our Podiatrists ensure quality sports, general, rehabilitative and acute injury management. Our Podiatrists will treat your families feet with knowledge and care using up to date diagnosis and best practice therapies. These treatments will be based on the best available evidence and clinical expertise. Ensuring you are treated by a Podiatrist is important for fast pain relief.

Understanding the foot as a surface that bears weight is one of the pillars that differentiates Podiatry from other practitioners who attempt to treat the foot. Seeing the feet as complex structures that adapt constantly to forces caused by the ground, footwear, body weight and other joints helps to identify risk factors that can be treated or reduced by one of our friendly Podiatrists.

Our feet can cause pain or limit performance. With early diagnosis and effective care, the Podiatrists at The Foot Clinic Point Cook and Yarraville will ensure your best chance of staying on your feet. The Foot Clinic has a background in sports podiatry, biomechanics, ingrown toe nails, general Podiatry, and Podiatry for children.

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No referrals are necessary to attend The Foot Clinic Point Cook or The Foot Clinic Yarraville.
We do accept EPC referrals.
Cancellations: 24hrs Notice is required for cancellations or rescheduling. We kindly ask that you notify us so that we have enough time to contact other patients who are waiting to be seen. Failure to notify us of a cancellation may incur a non-attendance fee.


At The Foot Clinic we like to provide you with as much knowledge as possible when it comes to your feet. This is why we have created a range of videos, to help keep you as well informed as possible about what we can do for you and the treatments that we provide.

Please check out our videos by clicking on the image to the right.

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