At TFC Podiatry our mission is to help you reach your goals.

We make your goals our own, and design tailored management plans to guide you back to your best self. Our patient-centric approach to Podiatry ensures that you remain at the core of your treatment, empowering you to regain control over your foot health.

We take pride in being a family-owned and family-run Podiatry practice, established by Nathan Pring, Ashley Wevling, and Christopher Wevling. We opened our first clinic in Point Cook in 2016, soon followed by a second site in the heart of Yarraville. And more recently in 2022, we were very excited to open our third location, in Avondale Heights.

Our journey as a family of Podiatrists began with Ashley, who was the first in our family to pursue Podiatry after completing her education. Ashley’s passion for Podiatry inspired her husband Nathan and her brother Christopher to join the field. Ashley has always been a dedicated advocate for Podiatry, and she successfully convinced Nathan and Christopher to follow in her footsteps. The close bond within our family of Podiatrists has immensely benefited us, as it has created an exceptional environment for continuous learning and advancement in the field of Podiatry.

Nathan and Christopher attended LaTrobe University together and, being actively involved in sports at the time, developed a deep affinity for treating athletes and individuals with foot pain issues. This natural inclination led them to dedicate nearly 15 years to refining their skills in the biomechanical aspects of Podiatry. As a result, our patients experience consistent care, as all our Podiatrists approach foot and ankle issues with a unified goal and patient-centred focus. This comprehensive approach empowers you to prioritise your own well-being, starting from the foundation of your health – your feet!

Our patient-centric approach to Podiatry ensures that you remain at the core of your treatment, empowering you to regain control over your foot health.

TFC Podiatry Values

Excellence is our Standard
Our commitment to excellent care includes utilising the latest technology, evidence-based practices, and providing tailored care for patients of all backgrounds and abilities. We treat every patient with respect and compassion, taking the time to understand your unique needs.

Leading the Way in Podiatry
We are committed to being leaders in sports podiatry. We are always striving to improve and stay ahead of the curve, continuously learning and growing to provide the best care possible. Through education and community engagement, we collaborate with referring practitioners to positively impact the lives of our Melbourne patients, inspiring them to take control of their well-being and achieve peak performance.

Empowering You to Achieve Your Best
We strive to empower you to reach your health and fitness goals by providing compassionate care and addressing the root causes of your podiatry concerns. With our team of expert practitioners, equipped with the latest techniques and technologies, you can trust that you’ll receive the most effective and up-to-date treatment.

Your appointment at TFC Podiatry begins with listening to your story

We want to know how your foot or ankle concerns impact your life and learn about your goals.