AFL Player Avoids Surgery, Expected to Play Later This Year

Rhys Conca of Richmond Football Club Will Spend 2 Weeks in a CAM Boot

25 year old Richmond AFL club player, Rhys Conca seem’s to have got off lightly  after his horrific ankle sprain and resultant dislocation last week Rhys appears to have gotten off with this injury relatively lightly with reports of only the injured player to spend 2 weeks in a CAM boot followed by an intensive rehabilitation period. During the incident that lead to the injury the ankle was forced into an inverted position placing an excessive amount of force on the structure on the outside of the ankle, these include ligaments, joint structures, tendons and even bones.

Generally after this injury; torn ligaments, fractured bones and damaged joint structures are common and can often need surgical repair. According to early reports Rhys appears to have somehow avoided any serious damage and reports so far expect him to be back on the field later in the season.

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