Ankle Braces in Point Cook and Yarraville

Ankle Braces in Point Cook and Yarraville

Here at TFC Podiatry in Point Cook and Yarraville, we provide assessments for patients with foot and ankle pain on a daily basis. As we see these problems so regularly, we stock certain products and have them on hand to provide the most convenient and effective treatment possible. At TFC Podiatry, we stock a full range of sizes of high quality ankle braces.

Ankle braces help control rear foot movement where the movement may need to be limited, either to reduce pain or to prevent further injury or trauma to an area. Ankle braces are not for everyone, or for all injuries however when given at the right time in the rehab process ankle braces can help you to return to sport faster and safer.

Generally, ankle braces are used to help with injuries on either the inside or the outside of the ankle due to the motion that can be reduced (either rear foot inversion or rear foot eversion). To have an assessment to see if an ankle brace is the right option for you book an appointment online.

Your appointment at TFC Podiatry begins with listening to your story

We want to know how your foot or ankle concerns impact your life and learn about your goals.