Ankle Pain Treatment

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Experiencing ankle pain? We can help.

Ankle Pain Treatment - TFC Podiatry

Many patients suffer from, and live with ankle pain. It is a debilitating symptom that is often treatable. Hence, many individuals who just accept the pain don’t have to! It is important to get assessed by a podiatrist if you are experiencing this as not only can it often be managed; it may lead to further complications if not managed properly. 

There are many causes of ankle pain. Some of the more common causes include; ankle sprain and fracture. In many cases the underlying reason involves injury such as impact or awkward movements which result in stress or strain on bones, joints and ligaments. This may then lead to inflammation and pain.


Commonly associated symptoms of ankle pain

      Ankle swelling

      Redness over the ankle joint

      Clicking, popping or locking

      Joint instability


      Change in sensation such as numbness or tingling

      Joint stiffness

      Inability to weight bear on the foot and ankle


If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should see a podiatrist right away.

Common causes of ankle pain include:

      Injury such as ankle sprain

      Tarsal tunnel syndrome


      Rheumatoid arthritis

      Achilles tendonitis




      Stress fractures

      Plantar fasciitis

      Chronic ankle instability

      Peroneal tendonitis

Foot or Ankle pain diagnosis:

TFC podiatrists are highly trained in diagnosing and treating ankle pain. By seeking medical assistance, patients can receive great relief from their pain. This regularly allows patients to return to normal activity levels again, often pain-free! Based on your symptoms and what we can evaluate from a foot and ankle assessment, our podiatrists can help establish the reason for the pain. Some cases of ankle pain may require investigation by imaging modalities such as ultrasound or X-ray, especially where fracture or soft tissue injury such as ligament damage is suspected. This then facilitates the employment of the best ankle pain treatment for each patient is order to increase the likelihood of a full recovery.

Ankle pain treatment and prevention:

It is important to treat ankle pain appropriately in order to get back to normal, everyday activities. Upon biomechanical assessment by our podiatry team at TFC podiatry, there are a multitude of ankle pain treatment options which can be used depending on which is best suited to your podiatric needs. It is important to determine the exact cause so that we can employ the best therapy for both recovery, as well as prevention of recurrence or exacerbation.



How we can help

Depending on the cause of your pain, our podiatrist may decide that the most suitable and best treatment for ankle pain would be one of the following;


      Dry needling


      Rock tape

      Injection therapy

      Ankle brace/ support

      Appropriate footwear advice and guidance

      CAM walker