Ankle Sprain Rehab for Point Cook

In Point Cook, the most common things we seem to see are Ankle Sprains. Our clinic, is located at 54 Boardwalk Blvd in the centre of Point cook. The fact that Point Cook is such a sporting area is a great thing for the City. Providing both economoic and physical health. However painful sprains are very common in active populations. Ankle sprains appear to be a particularly common presentation in our Point Cook clinic as the favorite sports of the area are AFL, Basketball and Netball. These 3 sports all have huge incidences of injury through the ankle. The combination of side to side motion, jumping and contact with other players can be a real recipe for disaster!

Ankle sprains are often undertreated with immobilization in the short term and rehabilitation in the medium to long term not being recommended or adhered to often enough. This often leads to long term pain and dysfunction of the ankle and often leads to even more ankle sprains.


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