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Ankle sprainTreatment - TFC Podiatry

Ankle sprain is a commonly used and profoundly misunderstood term which is broadly used to describe a group of acute ankle injuries. It refers to the injury or strain placed on ligaments during activity or motion when inverted or everted. During movement, ligaments, which attach bone to bone, can become over stretched and torn. This results in inflammation and pain.

Symptoms of ankle sprains



      Red and hot ankles



      Stiffness or decreased range of motion


      Pain upon weight-bearing


If you suspect you have sprained your ankle it is important to see a podiatrist. Without proper diagnosis, rehabilitation and ankle sprains treatment more chronic conditions are likely to develop due to further injury. These may include; chronic ankle pain, sprained ankle pain is getting worse, imbalance and ankle joint arthritis.

 How Does TFC Podiatry Treat Ankle Sprains?

 Ankle Braces


Sport Modification/ Advice

Footwear modification

Orthotic therapy

Dry Needling

Ankle Rehabilitation

Proper Assessment


Ankle Proprioception Training

Refer For Imaging (X-rays/ Ultrasound/ MRi)