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Sports Podiatry

Things to Consider - Getting Back Into Sports After an Injury

Unfortunately in sport injuries are very common. From broken bones to a niggling injury to chronic and ongoing pain. Modern medicine is marvelous and when a rehabilitation plan is tailored for you, you should be pain free sooner than you thought possible!

However, sometimes when you are no longer experiencing pain you say goodbye to your practitioner.  This can be an intimidating task of trying to getting back to your pre-injury level without flaring up your old injury. In some cases you may even sustain a new one all together! The questions you need to ask your practitioner is.. How quickly can I return to sport? How much fitness have I lost with my 2 weeks off of running?

As with all sports, everyone responds differently to the increase in load after a time of relative rest that may be needed for injury resolution.

Things to consider when returning to sport or activity include:

1. How long have you had off? 

Unfortunately, the longer you have been away from sports the longer it will take to get back to your previous level of fitness. 

2. Your Goals?

Consider your goals, and think about how long you have to achieve your goals. Often your expectations may be unrealistic after an injury, however having a thorough understanding of your injury and rehabilitation plan will help you to set achievable goals.

3. Time frame to reach your goals?

Sometimes, injuries come at a bad time. For example if you sprain your ankle two days before a big basketball game. Considering your short term goals including upcoming competitions as well as long term goals including your sports career. Will help to make the decision of when to rest it and when to risk it.

Ensuring you ask your Podiatrist all of the relevant questions or some guidance around returning to sport and activity may take a lot of the confusion away surrounding the issue. Often your Podiatrist will keep a eye on your progress until you are confident that you can reach your goals!