Point Cook and Yarraville

Management of Acute Foot and Ankle Problems - Moon Boots

CAM boot

CAM/ Moon Boots are a medical device that is fitted to patients with acute foot or ankle problems to assisst with healing, reduce pain and improve mobility. CAM (Controlled Ankle Mobility) Boots are designed to reduce movement and pressure through your foot and ankle to help heal a range of injuries.


Some injuries that some people require a CAM boot for include:



If you have been told you need a CAM boot or you think you might need a CAM boot, we advise you to book an appointment with one of our Podiatrists. We stock a full range of CAM Boots in Point Cook and Yarraville.

During this appointment you will be assessed by your Podiatrist and you will be given a diagnosis and management plan for your injury. This management plan will also help you come out of the moon boot and prevent other injuries while you are in your CAM boot.


If you have any questions on the fitting of CAM boots, please contact our clinic at your nearest convenience!