CAM Boots in Point Cook & Yarraville

What are CAM boots and when are they fitted?

CAM boots are used for many reasons. At TFC Podiatry Point Cook and Yarraville we stock a full-size range of CAM boots and all of our Podiatrists are able and trained to fit and manage CAM boots. Often used for acutely painful conditions as a temporary measure to help manage pain and allow a reasonably high level of activity level during the acute recovery process.

CAM boots are often referred to as Moon boots or removable cast walkers. This is because the function of a CAM boot is similar to that of a plaster cast. CAM walkers control ankle motion and also have the benefit of decreasing the pressure and stresses in the foot and ankle. By reducing these pressures and stresses, pain can often be significantly reduced and healing can begin while still having your arms free for everyday tasks. CAM boots should always be supplied and fitted by a health professional as CAM boots must be fitted and assessed to ensure the ankle is in an ideal position and that the condition will benefit from immobilisation.

CAM boots are prescribed as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Just like all immobilisation methods, if used for problems that do not require immobilisation or overused, unnecessary deconditioning of tissues is possible and can lead to delayed healing or other problems.

To assess whether CAM boots are a valid option for your foot or ankle pain, Book an appointment online or call one of our clinics.

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