Can a Podiatrist help with foot pain during pregnancy?

Preventing and treating foot pain during pregnancy.

Podiatry has always been synonymous with pregnancy, due to the changes that pregnancy creates in your feet. In this blog we will explore why seeing a Podiatrist may be beneficial and what a Podiatrist can offer to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy on your feet. Book an appointment online at either of our Point Cook or Yarraville locations.

Pregnancy affects the feet in many painful ways, as Podiatrists we have the skill set to effectively diagnose and treat pregnancy related foot pain. Foot pain often happens due to the increase in the hormone called relaxin which will loosen the ligaments in the foot and ankle (as well as the rest of the body). With a loosening of the ligaments in the foot and ankle, the foot is allowed to move slightly more during each step, this change has the potential to cause an array of painful conditions in the foot. Including soft tissue injuries such as plantar fasciitis and strained muscles and ligaments.

Pregnancy can also cause swelling to the legs and feet. This swelling is often seen as problematic as it has the potential to cause in-grown toe nails. Sometimes people who have never had a toenail problem can experience ingrown toenails when they become expecting mums.

Painful feet are common during pregnancy, Podiatrists can treat painful feet by supporting the ligaments that may have loosened with the use of orthotics or footwear modification and treating painful in grown toe nails.

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