Can Dry Needling Help With Foot and Ankle Pain?

Dry Needling & Podiatry

Dry Needling is a treatment technique that is widely used by Sports Podiatrists and Physios around Australia. Dry needling can be a great technique to help with pain and is often a key part of the treatment plan to get you to the point of healing. Dry needling is the use of very fine acupuncture needles inserted into key trigger points to elicit a healing response within that tissue.

Dry needling has been gaining popularity over the past 10 years within Podiatry as more research comes to show it’s beneficial properties within the foot and ankle pain space. Chronic foot and ankle pain conditions are usually multifactorial, meaning they have many causes. This means that a thorough assessment should be undertaken to identify all of the factors that have contributed to the pain or injury. Once these factors have been identified a treatment plan should be created that attempt to address all of the factors that caused an injury. This assessment is called a biomechanical assessment, it includes assessing the mechanics and movement of your foot and lower limb. If it is identified that muscle tightness or trigger points are a part of your pain condition, then dry needling may be prescribed as part of this treatment plan.

Some people have a fear of needles, and although these needles are tiny and often cause minimal discomfort during a dry needling session. People with a fear of needles usually don’t respond well to dry needling, if this is the case for you, your Podiatrist will find an alternative treatment to help you deal with your muscle tightness/ trigger points.

As with any treatment that helps with foot and ankle pain, dry needling is usually a part of the puzzle of foot pain rather than the full picture. To unlock the full picture and treatment plan of your foot pain book an appointment online now

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