Can orthotics help with chronic lower back pain?

Chronic lower back pain (CLBP).

CLBP is a common reason for disability, discomfort and pain in adult’s. It has many varied causes and presentations ranging from sciatic pain with associated pins and needles, burning, numbness and pain to chronic arthritic pain which is characterised by a chronic aching and stiffness which can be correlated to the colder weather.

An assessment from your sports Podiatrist at TFC Podiatry Point Cook, will help you make an assessment if Custom Foot Orthoses are going to help with your back pain. We will assess how much of the pain and pressure on the spine and surrounding musculature is coming from the feet and the forces from the feet by completing a holistic biomechanical assessment. This will help determine if preventing or limiting certain movements in the foot and ankle will prevent some movements or forces in the lower back and result in pain relief.

The process of Custom Foot Orthoses include an initial assessment including history and often a biomechanical assessment, and then a casting consult which usually gathers feedback from whatever treatments have been implemented from the previous session followed by handover and follow up appointments.

This process is to help ensure that your body can tolerate the new forces being applied through your feet to all joint in you legs and back!

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