Can You Help A Broken Toe?

Tips on Healing a Broken Toe Bone.

Broken toes can be extremely painful, in Point Cook we get many broken bones in our Podiatry clinic. And many of us don’t have time for foot pain! The days of living with broken bones, which are painful, for months without treatment are (thankfully) gone! The treatment of broken bones in the foot and ankle involve getting rid of the pressure as well as decreasing the inflammation.

Broken bones are usually easy to diagnose with imaging such as x-ray. Usually pressure can be taken off of the area with pressure relieving devices from crutches, CAM boots also known as “moon boots”.

At TFC Podiatry, we stock a full range of CAM boots in both Yarraville and Point Cook. CAM boots are usually used for 4-6 weeks,although this can be altered depending on your symptoms. Often you will need ongoing rehabilitation of your foot and ankle muscles and may need to transition into specifically chosen shoe style or even orthotics.

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