Children’s Podiatry | Time to Get Your Children’s Feet Checked?

School’s Back!

With the hardest part of lockdown over in Melbourne, our kids are going back to school, seeing their friends and will consequently be back on their feet!

At TFC Podiatry in Point Cook and Yarraville, we value the importance of foot checks for your children. Our podiatrists help assess and manage a child’s foot health concerns by looking at a vast array of conditions that present in the podiatry clinic.  We want to help you make sure your kids’ feet are the last of their worries!

If you’re concerned about your child’s foot health, book an appointment today with any of our Podiatrists, all who are skilled in children’s podiatry.

Children’s foot concerns that our Podiatrists often see in the clinic:

Children’s Podiatry

By addressing any foot-related concerns that you may have about your child’s feet, it allows for an increase in confidence when it comes to your child leading an active, healthy lifestyle. Painful, problematic feet can discourage kid’s from being active and involved in sports and play. At TFC Podiatry our priority is to keep your child active and participating in an activity as much as possible.

Sometimes treating a condition will require rest from aggravating activity. This rest should be as short as possible and where possible should be supplemented with other activities to try and limit skills and fitness loss.

Taking care of our feet is often overlooked which can lead to issues later on in life. Start taking care of your feet now, and your health will thank you later!

Your appointment at TFC Podiatry begins with listening to your story

We want to know how your foot or ankle concerns impact your life and learn about your goals.