Does Your Child Need Foot Orthotics?

At TFC Podiatry Point Cook, we get a lot of parents of young children asking about foot health. One of the biggest questions that comes up during appointment is “Does my child need Orthotics?”. Orthotics are something that Podiatrists use to treat various conditions in children, but are not always required if your child is not having any problems. Reasons that your Podiatrist may talk to you and your child about orthotics for, are generally around decreasing pain, tripping, clumsiness and some gait problems. Gait problems are things like in toeing, toe walking, flat feet or high arched feet. These are not always a problem in themselves but can sometimes increase the chance of injury.

To assess whether Orthotics may be beneficial for your child, you can book an appointment at either our Yarraville or Point Cook locations. During this appointment a thorough paediatric and biomechanical assessment will be completed which will include lots of questions around your child’s current performance as well as future performance goals a gait assessment to see if any treatment is required. Orthotics often fall into the same category as other treatments which change the way your child can walk. These include Footwear recommendations, wedges or even bracing and strapping.

Sometimes choosing the best options for child foot treatments can be intimidating, if your child has pain the most important thing is to get a prompt diagnosis. For this to occur a comprehensive assessment is required of the painful area. Sometimes imaging is required such as x-rays, although usually the diagnosis and management plan will be given to you on the same day as your 1st appointment.

At TFC Podiatry, we very rarely give prescription foot orthotics to very young children as we like to ensure the foot has it’s best chance of developing perfectly. Often other treatments will be implemented for very young children.



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