Emergency Podiatry During COVID-19

Emergency Podiatry Services

During the COVID-19 pandemic in Point Cook and Yarraville, one of our main goals is to help people with foot problems stay away from Emergency Departments. By reducing foot related hospital admissions, we keep our patients out of high risk areas that currently are experiencing an increase in usage due to COVID-19. By providing a low traffic environment with plenty of room for social distancing within our clinics and thorough cleaning between each patient. We are determined to provide as safe an environment as possible to ensure that your foot concerns are dealt with and no one misses out on proper health care during this difficult time.

During this time, we will be providing our full range of Podiatry services as usual with increased screening and protective measures in place for our patients. We will also be providing emergency, urgent appointments for people in need of urgent or acute care. Conditions that our Podiatrists can help with in an urgent foot care setting include: Broken/ fractured foot or ankle bones, Foot ulcers including people with diabetes related foot problems, stress fractures and ingrown toenails. These foot problems are the most common reasons for foot related hospital visits, we consider any hospital admission avoided during this time a big win!

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