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Podiatry/Podiatrist Surgery Questions & Answers

What causes ingrown toenails (IGTN)?

Ingrown toenails are caused by the skin surrounding the nail and the nail itself. In most cases the nail is unable to grow past the skin surrounding the nail. They can also be caused by a nail spike which is a sharp piece of nail that digs into the skin surrounding the nail. Ingrown toe nails are extremely painful and can become infected if not treated promptly.

What treatments are there for ingrown toenails?

Treatments for ingrown toenails include wedge resections, teaching correct toenail cutting techniques and permanent fixes such as partial or total nail avuslions. Ror further information on these treatment options please call one of our Podiatrsits at The Foot Clinic Point Cook.

What surgery can Podiatrists perform for ingrown toenails?

Variations of surgical procedure that Podiatrsits can perform on ingrown toe nails are related to the section of nail that needs to be avulsed permanently. These procedures are done under a local anaesthetic and are otherwise pain free. for further information on proceduresoptions please call one of our friendly Podiatrsits at The Foot Clinic Point Cook.

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