Frequently Asked Questions & Fees

You can find our most frequently asked questions about what to expect, what to bring and how much an appointment will cost below. If you cannot find what you’re after feel free to contact us via the form on this page or Contact Us. We are here to help!

At TFC Podiatry we aim to get a thorough understanding of you, your goals and your Podiatry concern. At your initial appointment you should expect a thorough assessment of your problem, this will most likely include a gait analysis, palpation assessment and checking your movement and strength. You should expect a clear diagnosis and understanding of what problem you have come in with and why it may be occurring. We do also aim to provide treatment during this first appointment, we understand that you are coming in to feel better!

To ensure a comprehensive assessment during your initial appointment, we kindly recommend wearing loose-fitting pants or shorts. Our podiatrists may need to roll them up above your ankles to complete their evaluation effectively.

If you have any existing scans or reports related to a current injury or condition, please bring them with you or email them to us. These documents will greatly assist us in diagnosing and planning your treatment accordingly.

Moreover, we suggest bringing along your 2-3 most frequently worn pairs of shoes to your Podiatry appointment. We often assess these shoes for suitability, wear patterns, and conduct video gait analysis and running analysis when applicable. This thorough approach helps us provide the most appropriate care for you.

If you’re a new patient at our clinic and are considering shockwave therapy, we recommend scheduling an initial appointment. During this appointment, please inform our Podiatrist of your interest in shockwave therapy. They will assess your condition and determine whether it can be administered during this session or if it would be more suitable for a follow-up review.

For returning patients, we suggest booking a follow-up appointment with your preferred Podiatrist. If shockwave therapy is a suitable and safe option for your condition, it can typically be administered during this appointment.

At TFC Podiatry, we address a spectrum of issues, ranging from routine check-ups to chronic pain that significantly impacts individuals’ lives. Our team of Podiatrists is experienced in handling a diverse array of cases in our clinics, spanning from minor concerns to more complex conditions.

Yes, All of our clinic locations have on the spot health insurance claiming via HICAPS. This means you only pay the gap payment if you have private health insurance that covers Podiatry.

Given that each person, condition and treatment plan is individual we would have to assess your condition and formulate a treatment plan. When you leave your initial appointment you will be guided on how many sessions may be needed.

At TFC Podiatry, we pride ourselves on taking enough time to give you the best healthcare experience you can have! All of our initial and ongoing appointments are a full 30 mins long. This gives us plenty of time to get to know you and keep you thoroughly up to date, informed and engaged with your foot health journey.

Yes we do accept Chronic Disease Management/ Enhanced Primary Care plans (CDM/ EPC). CDM/ EPC plans work at TFC Podiatry by entitling you to a rebate from Medicare towards your appointment. We make the process as easy as possible, we will make the claim directly to medicare and you should receive your rebate within a few days. You shouldn’t have to go to medicare or do anything after your appointment to get your rebate.

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Appointment Type & Fee

At TFC Podiatry, we believe in complete transparency when it comes to our fees. We strive to provide you with upfront information, ensuring that there are no surprises on the day of your appointment.

We take pride in offering transparent pricing across all our services, allowing you to have full confidence in the exceptional care you’ll receive. To further enhance your convenience, we have an onsite HICAPS facility. This means that you can claim your private health insurance benefits directly on the day of your appointment, saving you time and hassle.

At TFC Podiatry, we value your time and make it easy for you to access our services. Therefore, no referrals are required. Simply reach out to us and we’ll be delighted to assist you.

Initial Appointment
  • (New Patients)
CAM Boot
$20020 min
  • (including complimentary fitting)

Concession discount available to Health Care Card and Aged Pension Card holders.

Payment Options

We gladly accept all health funds, enabling you to make instant claims at our clinic. You can conveniently utilise either your physical health insurance card or your digital counterpart for claiming purposes. The coverage amount is dependent on your individual insurance policy, and we are happy to assist you in obtaining a quote to determine the extent of your policy’s coverage.

Medicare rebates are available for eligible patients who have received a specific referral from their General Practitioner. This referral, known as a chronic disease management plan or enhanced primary care plan, entitles you to a rebate of $60.35. For your convenience, we require full payment at the time of your appointment, and we will process the rebate via Medicare directly to your bank account.

At TFC Podiatry, we are committed to providing exceptional care for Department of Veterans Affairs patients. If you possess a DVA gold card, you will not incur any out-of-pocket costs for podiatry services. Additionally, patients with a white card may be billed directly to DVA.

Home Care (HCP) & My Aged Care Packages

We warmly welcome patients utilising Home Care and My Aged Care packages to access our podiatry services. We have a convenient billing process where we directly invoice your service provider. To ensure a seamless experience, kindly inform us of your package and billing process in advance via email or phone.

We are delighted to accommodate NDIS patients who are plan-managed or self-managed. To schedule your appointment, please reach out to us via phone or email, and kindly provide your plan details before your first visit. See more about our NDIS Podiatry services here.

Patients receiving treatment under WorkCover or TAC will need to make the full upfront payment for their consultation. Upon payment, we will provide patients with an invoice which can then be submitted to the relevant person/s handling their claim.

Your appointment at TFC Podiatry begins with listening to your story

We want to know how your foot or ankle concerns impact your life and learn about your goals.