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Foot or Ankle Fractures

Foot and Ankle Fractures:

TFC Podiatry has a full range of services to help diagnose and manage foot and ankle fractures. Fractures in the lower limb are generally acompanied by high levels of pain particularly during weight bearing. They usually occur after a fall or traumatic injury. In general fractures need rest to allow time to heal. Foot and Ankle Fractures are a little bit more complex as they are harder to rest and therefore harder to heal.

There are many bones in the foot. In fact there are a total of 26 bones in each foot. There are lot’s of different places that can be fractured. Some fractures are very complex and often need surgery and most foot and ankle fractures need a time of rest or reduction in pressure and movement through the foot and ankle.

CAM boot

Foot and Ankle Fracture Treatment Options:

For most people, total rest is not possible or needed to heal foot or ankle fractures. The goal of managing a fracture should be to allow the patient to mobilise while the fracture is able to heal.

There are a variety of ways of reducing pressure and movement through the fractured area. There are: CAM Boots, Plaster casts, crutches, strapping as well as a variety of other techniques. It is important to have the correct treatment and follow up for foot and ankle fractures and to have a health proffesional moniter you throughout the treatment phase.