Footwear: What to look for when purchasing new shoes

As the weather starts to cool down around Melbourne a lot of us are starting to transition into the winter wardrobe and might be needing to update our shoes. Before you head out to the shops to find that perfect all-around winter shoe, there are a few things you should know to look for when buying shoes. 

It is important footwear adequately supports the foot and fits correctly. At TFC Podiatry we commonly see blisters, calluses, corns, and much more caused due to poor fitting or inadequate footwear. 

What to look for when purchasing shoes:

    • Support: The shoe should only bend where your foot naturally bends- so around the toes (forefoot area). Some shoes are more flexible than others depending on the material used, but if you can bend, roll and twist a shoe… then it is too flexible and will provide minimal support to the foot.
    • Width & Fit: It is important footwear is the correct width and fit for your foot. Shoes that are not wide enough or not the right size can cause rubbing and increased pressure points. Avoid narrow-fitting shoes particularly if you suffer from forefoot pain or bunions. 
    • Fixation:  Laces, Velcro, buckles, straps. Fixation on a shoe is very important, it helps hold your foot in the shoe and can prevent slipping in the shoe or prevent your toes from clawing trying to hold onto a shoe. Laces or Velcro also make the shoe more adjustable and accommodative for different widths or even orthotic devices.
    • Heel Counter: Shoes should have a firm heel counter. A heel counter is the back of the shoe that wraps around your heel. This section should feel firm and you should not be able to completely flatted it, some flexibility is ok.
    • Purpose: Keep in mind when purchasing new shoes what you intended to use the shoe for. Is it for work, casual, walking, sport? This is important to consider to make sure you select a shoe that is appropriate for its use. 
    • Comfort: Last but not least…comfort! If the shoes do not feel comfortable when you try them on, it is not the shoe for you.


It is important to look after your feet and that includes ensuring you are wearing the right footwear. Foot concerns, blisters, corns, or callus from your current shoes, struggling to find new footwear, book in to see one of our friendly Podiatrists at our Yarraville or Point Cook clinics. 


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