Heel Pain In Kids

Heel Pain in Children

A common injury in children, particularly aged 8-15 that we see in the clinic is persistent pain in the heels of the feet, particularly during or after physical activity. The cause of this is
often associated with calcaneal apophysitis, or severs disease

What is Sever’s Disease?

Sever’s disease is described as pain in the growth plate of the calcaneus (the heel bone) and is particularly common in children aged 8-15. At this age the growth plates aren’t fused
properly, which can cause inflammation and pain if aggravated.


–  Foot posture
–  Inappropriate footwear
–  High levels of physical activity
–  More common in males aged 8-15
– Tight leg muscles
–  High BMI


–  Pain at the bottom of the heel/back of the achilles
–  Pain aggravated during and/or after physical activity
–  Limping
–  Toe walking to avoid walking on heel


At TFC our Podiatrists are trained to get your children back out and active as soon as
possible. We offer a thorough child foot pain treatment regime, which may include the following:
–  Stretching and strengthening of tight/weaker muscles in the leg
–  Customised foot orthotics if necessary
–  Activity modification
–  Strapping
–  Regular icing
–  Footwear advice
If you think your child suffers from sever’s disease then feel free to book an appointment
with us!

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