How are custom orthotics prescribed?

The ins and outs of why custom orthotics are worth it.

Custom prescribed foot orthotics, when done right are a great way of reducing stressors and straining forces on your feet. Having the potential to alter ones lower limb mechanics comes with endless possibilities. From curing foot pains to reducing the compressive forces on the lower back. Prescribed orthotics can be used for many pathologies by Podiatrists at TFC Podiatry Point Cook.

Using the latest 3D Laser scanning techniques, TFC – Point Cook ensures the highest quality and fastest delivery of your custom built orthotics. With the process of sending both the prescription and the 3D scanned file to the laboratory, you could start your treatment using orthotics within 2 weeks of order.

Using the highest quality materials and designs available as well as having experienced sports Podiatrists assess and prescribe your custom orthotics makes the whole process consistent and effective.

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