How often should I change my runners?

Key signs that your shoes are past it

At TFC Podiatry in Point Cook, we get asked a lot to assess people shoes, particularly when sports injuries are involved.

It is a tough decision to retire a pair of shoes, aside from the cost of replacing your shoes, there is also the not so distant memory of when your shoes were comfortable, cushioned and felt like the perfect shoe for you! There are guidelines of around 6 months for a replacement of a regularly used sports shoe, however sometimes shoes still feel brand new after 6 months or sometimes they may feel like they need replaced after only a few months.

In the running community it is generally stated that shoes should be changed after 500- 750 km’s, where you are in that range depending on other factors including running style, running surface, your weight and even your foot type. In the team sports community often shoes should last one season of sport.

However there are some key things to look for in a shoe to see how far through its life span the shoe may be.
1. The heel counter; The heel counter of the shoe is made of a stiff cardboard, every step you take makes this area softer and easier to bend. If you push against this heel counter with your thumb you should barely be able to budge it. If it moves excessively, this may be a good reason those shoes don’t feel like they used to.
2. Foam integrity; The foam of the shoe provides cushioning and support. When the foam is beginning to deteriorate it starts to wrinkle and become visibly crushed.
3. Tread wear; If the white foam is starting to shoe through the tread on the bottom of the shoes. Grip is obviously going to be affected, however this is also a good sign that either you are using the incorrect shoe type for the activity or your shoes are well overdue for a replacement.

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