Immobilisation Vs Rehabillitation

Managing Pain and Improving Long Term Outcomes

When it comes to managing sports injuries in Yarraville to the foot and ankle there is always a push to get the area to peak levels of performance as quick as possible. Immobilisation settles pain, inflammation and acute injuries as quickly as possible, but this approach does come with the risk of de-conditioning the local muscles as well as losing some levels of fitness if not properly managed.

This decision to immobilise is often reserved for more serious sporting injuries such as fractures as well as high level ligament strains. Neither tendinopathies or muscle strains very rarely need to be immobilised and often a more functional approach to get back to pain free levels.

This functional approach often involves increasing the tolerance to stress of a certain tissue as well as reducing the stress placed on the tissue. A great way to deload a tissue is through footwear modification and orthotic prescription.

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