Increasing Tissue Load Capacity – How to Treat and Prevent Injuries at Home

Covid – 19 has forced the majority of people home over the past month and the chances are it will continue this way for a while. For many athletes and sports people this has meant cancelling of events and sports leagues. Many of our patients in Point Cook and Yarraville are trying to find ways to improve their body from a fitness and conditioning perspective. With gyms being off the cards, we have been recommending ways to improve soft tissue injuries by prescribing and recommending specific exercises that improve strength and capacity of tissues.

Home exercise prescription (HEP) plans for sports injuries have always been one of the most important factors in treating and preventing athletic injuries. HEP when prescribed correctly can help address deficits in strength, range of motion and co-ordination. These factors can play a vital role in dealing with injuries. For most mild to moderate soft tissue injuries exercise levels can stay consistent while the HEP is being completed which allows for as small a time away from sport as possible.

HEP plans are something that almost all of our patients with pain will receive during their initial appointment and will have these reviewed at each appointment after. These exercises will usually be completed 1 – 4 times per day and can almost always be completed with minimal or no equipment. When working from home or even during self-isolation, this can be a great time to form routines that will assist your body in improving performance and decreasing pain.

HEP plans should be prescribed specifically to someone’s goals, injuries and risk factors. Book an appointment today to see one of our Podiatrists to start your rehab journey!


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