Introducing TFC Podiatry to Yarraville

Yarraville’s Leading Podiatry Practitioners 

TFC Podiatry is a highly reputable, welcoming clinic that services the needs of customers across Point Cook and now Yarraville

The Foot Clinic strive to keep you on your feet and free from any pain or concerns. We provide best practice treatments in general, rehabilitative, sports and acute injury management while giving you knowledgeable care to ensure you receive service that enables you and your feet to walk away happy.  

Sports Podiatry centres on definitive diagnosis, biomechanical assessment, and prompt, appropriate treatment plans. Our podiatrists are able to manage concerns for fractures to soft tissue injuries all while using evidence based treatment to provide you with quality, caring  service and piece of mind. This includes the treatment of ankle sprains, foot and ankle fractures, arch pain, soft tissue strains and sesamoiditis to name a few.

Custom Orthosis centres on a biochemical assessment conducted during your initial appointment to determine if foot orthoses is beneficial for you. These are used to correct functional incompatibilities enclosed in lower limb and foot posture that may be contributing to pain in your lower back, knee, ankle or foot. Orthotic therapy is available for all ages with the use of three dimensional foot scanning technology.

Paediatric Podiatry: Adult foot conditions can stem back as far as childhood. The Foot Clinic Yarraville perform thorough and specific lower limb assessments for your children and observe their walking patterns. Our treatments cater to a range of Paediatric specific foot/ lower limb pathologies, this can include flat feet, growth plate conditions, knee and heel pain.

Diabetes Podiatry: Due to the increased risk of foot infection and ulceration, it is important that those with diabetes seek a regular foot neurovascular assessment handled by a professional podiatrist. This will monitor any changes in the feet that may have occurred accompanying Diabetes. We are able to provide clients with Annual Diabetes Foot assessments, neurological/sensation assessment, wound management, written reports to GP’s and Endocrinologists amongst a wide range of other treatments to benefit you.

General Podiatry: Our friendly podiatrist team are qualified to provide the treatment and care most effective for your foot management. We take pride in our practices and ensure you are cared for with the most up to date foot treatments and management plans. We provide a wide range of treatments including ingrown toenail surgery, warts, fungal nail and skin infections, psoriasis, cracked heels and trusted informative advice to name a few. Whatever your concerns may be our experienced podiatrists can help you.

It is our aim at TFC Podiatry Yarraville to keep you on your feet. We take pride in ensuring clients are treated to knowledgeable and caring service conducted by experienced podiatrists. Our team use up to date diagnosis that is based on clinical expertise and the best available evidence to  ensure you can get back on your feet and pain free. We are experienced in all areas of podiatry, if you have any concerns regarding your feet get in touch with our friendly team in Yarraville today

Your appointment at TFC Podiatry begins with listening to your story

We want to know how your foot or ankle concerns impact your life and learn about your goals.