Is it bad that my feet roll in? Is it bad that I walk on the outside of my foot?

How can custom orthotics help?

Have you ever noticed that your shoes wear more heavily on one side? A normal footwear wear pattern is on the outside of the heel of your shoe. However, if you are noticing that yours or your children’s shoes are wearing more heavily on one side this can be a sign that your feet may be rolling in or rolling out.

The technical term for this is called pronation or supination.

– Pronation is where the ankle rolls inwards. With this sort of foot posture external rotation of the tibia occurs and secondary internal rotation of the femur occurs. This can lead to shin splints, painful knees, hip pain and lower back pain. Not to mention all of the foot pathologies this can lead to!

– Supination is when the ankle tends to roll outwards. This type of foot tends to have difficulty absorbing shock and so therefore is more prone to stress fractures. Lower back pain and knee pain can also result from poor shock attenuation at the feet. It is common for this foot type to be known as a rigid foot posture. Often tightness in the calf muscles are also present.

You may have noticed your children also having this type of foot posture and are experiencing pain?

Custom orthotics are prescribed by Podiatrists to correct foot mechanics and lead to reduced tissue stress through vulnerable structures.

If you are experiencing any type of pain in the lower limb come down for an assessment by one of our amazing Podiatrists. We will perform a biomechanical assessment, including visual gait analysis and thorough range of motion testing.

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