Is weaing thongs/flip flops/jandals bad for my feet?

What’s wrong with thongs/flip flops/jandals?

As Podiatrists every summer we get an influx of foot injuries by patients who have taken out their flip flops and worn it on their inaugural full day walk in the beach. We all know flip flops are bad for our feet, they make our feet ache, pain and fatigue over the course of the day. In this post we will discuss why flip flops cause foot injuries and what pains we should look out for as warning signs of foot injuries that we see in our clinic as the months get warmer.

Foot injuries with non fixated sandals occur due to the gait changes that they occur. Within the foot, having a shoe that is not secured to your foot by the heel means that with every step your intrinsic muscles of the foot or the arch muscles work to contract the toes and prevent the shoe from falling off of your foot. This creates the slapping sound that is reminiscent of the summer.

Contracting this group of muscles creates a force that works to lift your arch, overusing the muscles that may be already strained.

If your foot starts paining in the morning or you find that your feet start aching even when you are in supportive footwear, it may be time to buy a more appropriate pair of footwear that allow you to exercise as you would like and put the flip flops to decide.

To find a pair of shoes that are appropriate ensure that there is a strap at the back of the heel and multiple straps over the mid foot. A level of arch support as well as a slightly raised heel will also help to prevent foot injuries.

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