I’ve just started running. What shoes should I buy?

Running is a great sport and an even better form of exercise. All you really need is a t-shirt, shorts and most of all a pair of shoes!

So, what shoes should you purchase?

We could go through a plethora of variables that can influence your purchase decision. However, a lot of the time if you follow a few simple rules the next running shoes you buy will be a great one!

Here are some key considerations to help you find a shoe that fits and feels comfortable.

How To Choose The Running Shoes

– The shoes should fit correctly. Okay so this one is a bit of a gimme, but ensuring your shoes are appropriate for your foot size and shape is paramount! To get this step right we recommend getting professionally fitted at a running shoe specialist store.

– Flex grooves/points. A running shoe should only bend at one spot. Where the big toe joint is! If the shoe is flexing excessively at another part or you can scrunch it up on itself like a piece of paper run away. Very quickly!

– Must have heel counter. A solid heel cup is essential to ensure your foot is not sliding off the shoe and keeping you on the footbed of the shoe. If a potential shoe does not have a heel counter and you can fold it easily, it’s a no-go.

– Pick the shoe that you feel is most comfortable. At the end of the day, no one else is going to use the shoe apart from you. When you shop for running shoes try 3 or 4 different pairs on to get a feel of the different models and then pick which ones felt best for YOU.

There will be outliers to these rules – such as if you are currently injured, have a history of specific injuries or are an avid runner/athlete who is looking for a particular type of shoe to provide a certain experience or needing a shoe to serve a particular purpose.

In the end, you can probably find a shoe that works for you—but the same advice applies here as it does when you’re shopping for any running shoe: shop around, be patient, wear them around the store and out on short runs before making your purchase. The best shoe for you is one that fits your specific foot type and running style. Every runner has an individual gait, and a custom shoe can be designed to fit these needs.

With the right shoes, you will avoid injury and have less painful runs or walks.

If you are still deciding which type of shoe to purchase. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As a podiatrist we know that getting your feet into a pair of running shoes is a concern for many runners. Ask about running gait assessment to help make sure you are getting the right shoe for your feet.

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