James Haskell – A Champion English Rugby Union Player.

A look into his unique foot injury and recent aggravation which may lead to more time on the sidelines

James Haskell is a 31 year old English rugby union player who has gathered fame and champion status in the game of Rugby Union over the past few years. Unfortunately Haskell had an injury to his big toe mid last year which was to set him out for 4-6 months. Treatment plans were started and surgery was underwent in July 2017. However the first set of games back this year there was a further set back and the injury was aggravated.

The injury is reported to be a fractured sesamoid, complicated by a torn plantar plate. The sesamoids are a set of 2 bones that work to improve the function of the big toe similarly in it’s workings to that of the knee cap helping with the function of the knee.The Plantar plate is a ligament that holds your big toe in a neutral position and prevents it from hyper extending/dislocating.

These injuries are often ignored or dismissed as minor injuries, however the big toe plays an important role in balance, power and efficiency. When the big toe is dorsi-flexed (pulled up) the foot changes. The foot goes from a semi flexible structure to a rigid lever. This can be observed visually as the arch appearing to increase in height and the foot appearing shorter. This rigid lever, when activated, is where all of the force from your legs will be transferred to the the ground and movement will be created.

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