Kids Heel Pain, When Should You Treat It

At TFC Podiatry, one of the most common presentations that we see is Kids with heel pain. There are many reasons that kids can have heel pain and it is important that you get the correct diagnosis through a qualified professional. By far the most common reason or diagnosis that we see heel pain at TFC Podiatry is Severs disease.

Severs disease is a condition that we consider important to treat at TFC Podiatry. Kids that are actively participating in sport are the most common victims of heel pain. These kids that love sport develop skills at such a high rate that taking off a period of time due to pain during young years can be a huge set back and can really delay the development of a child’s ball skills.

We consider the best time to treat Severs disease, as soon as possible. If possible we will work the treatment plan around your childs preferred activity and try to minimize the resting part of the treatment plan as much as possible.



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