Looking For A Moon Boot In Yarraville or Point Cook?

A CAM walker, also known as a ‘moon boot’, is a large boot used to restrict foot and ankle movement. We often prescribe CAM walkers to optimize the recovery time of injuries within the foot and ankle.

A CAM walker works very similarly to a plaster cast, however can be easily removed for showering and sleeping. Additionally, the fit can be adjusted to allow for increased comfort and function.

When should I use a CAM walker?

We use moon boots/CAM walkers to treat all kinds of injuries within the foot and ankle. They immobilize the lower leg and limit any stress on certain tissues. CAM walkers are often used to treat the following conditions:

How long will I be in a CAM walker?

The time frame for CAM walkers/moon boots varies from case to case. Generally, most soft tissue injuries require 4-6 weeks of immobilization, while bone and joint injuries require 6-8 weeks. During this process, we will prescribe some light rehab exercises to limit muscle atrophy in the lower leg. These exercises will also reduce the risk of knee, hip, and back injuries.

At TFC Podiatry all of our Podiatrists are qualified to identify when a moon boot is needed. Our Podiatrists are experts at fitting you into a CAM walker and guiding you to a quicker recovery from injury to ensure you’re back achieving your fitness goals in no time. During the consult, we will teach you how to put the CAM walker on and off, how to walk with it, and how to reduce the likelihood of other injuries usage. We recommended that you wear a shoe with a larger sole to reduce the imbalance caused by CAM walkers.

If you are in the Yarraville or Point Cook area and feel that your injury may require a CAM walker feel free to book an appointment with us for an opinion.


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