Nathan’s Journey 2 Week’s down

With the second week of Nathan’s journey over, the running is well underway. With the longer runs getting longer and the faster runs getting faster. After increasing both pace and distance this week, there have been a few set back’s with Nathan’s achilles tendon pain. Unfortunately after the long run this week there was the most significant pain so far on Monday. Nathan is now moving forward with a newfound motivation for rehab excercises and is still patiently waiting for his custom foot orthotics to come in, which should be over the next few days.

Key Points this week:

  • Sore feet suck! After a day of pretty severe pain, Nathan is realising what all runners are forced to realise at some point. Sore feet are no fun at all. “There are two types of runners, those with injuries and those about to get injured”.
  • Getting gear right is vital: Finding your ideal gear to run with is important, particularly for those longer runs. Nathan has found running with music a big difference when it comes to not having to constantly think about the fact that your running and just tune out a little bit.
  • Rehab, rehab, rehab: It’s one thing knowing what to do, it’s another thing to do it. Remembering and actually doing your rehab work is vital when rehabbing an injury, particularly when you have as activity based goal such as sport or running.

Although this week there was a bit of a set back in regards to pain, at the moment there is no need for Nathan to stop running. So he will be pushing through this week into another full week of training. Watch the facebook and instagram pages this week progress!


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