Nathan’s Journey, A Week of Running

Week 1 is now officially done, with the first 3 runs out of the way our Point Cook local Podiatrist Nathan seems to be actually enjoying this challenge. There are a couple of key points we’ve noted after this week of training, but overall his progress is looking very positive. Moving forward over the next week or two, a couple of changes are going to be made to Nathan’s training. Namely: new shoes and new orthotics.

Key Points:

  • The pace is high: After a few runs at the goal race pace of 4’30” per Km, Nathan is realizing that sustaining this for 10 Km is going to be hard work. Although the goal pace still stands, Nathan is understanding that this pace is a BIG part of the challenge.
  1. 10Km is no “fun run”: With a previous running history of maximum 5Km, 10Km is seeming longer and longer. Although Nathan was able to run for further than he thought in Week 1, running hard for the best part of an hour won’t be an easy feat.
  2. Getting the basic’s right is vital: Before getting too complex with training and rehab work, this week has been all about getting the basics right. Rehab this week has included a simple bit of mobility work and strengthening. Running has included no more than a couple of short runs/walks and a 4 Km long, slow run. Basic, right?

So bring on Week 2 of the challenge! Week 2 will involve a couple of big changes to Nathan’s rehab as his orthotics and shoes arrive. As well as continuing with some basic rehab and another 3 runs. Stay tuned to our FACEBOOK ad INSTAGRAM to follow closely and get some photos of Nathan’s orthotics as well as some videos of the assessment which lead to the prescription of these orthotics.

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