Nathans Journey to a Pain Free Run

Nathan Pring is a Podiatrist at TFC PodiatryPoint Cook and deals with patients with running injuries every day. Nathan often gives them advice around the best way to take care of these injuries so that they have the best possible outcomes. So when Nathan pulled up sore with Achilles pain 6 months ago, after a netball game (without treating it) :(. We set him a challenge.

The challenge is: to run 10Km’s at Werribee Mansion Run in May 2019 which is 12 weeks. Nathan has always been involved in sports, however has never run more than 5Km. Watch as Nathan along with the Podiatry team at TFC Podiatry help him overcome his injury as well as rehab his sore Achilles. This will be a great way to help patients understand some of our assessments and treatments which we use to successfully treat a wide variety of lower limb conditions.

So watch this space as Nathan attempts to simultaneously rehab his sore Achilles as well as increase his fitness to allow him to be able to run the distance!  Tune into our Facebook and instagram accounts to follow Nathan’s progress over the next few months.



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