Nathans Journey Week 10 – Talking Tapering and All Things Race Day

We are currently sitting about 10 days out of Nathan’s 10Km fun run at Werribee Mansion fun run. This is always a funny time before the race, it’s often when you’re training your hardest and then suddenly remember that one time you heard of something called tapering.

Tapering before a run is all about reducing the load that your body is going through before a run in order to have fresh, fast legs on the day. Hopefully increasing your chances of finishing in your goal time, or at east as close as possible to your goal time. This can be anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on the distance your racing and your injury status. At this time for myself, I knew coming into this run would be more difficult for 2 reasons. 1st reason is I started training with an injury, 2nd is I’ve never run anything like 10 Km before! Although I’m very proud of what I have achieved over the past¬† months in regards to treating my Achilles (and now hip) as well as getting to the point where I have a chance of running 10Km in under 45 minutes.

Over the next few weeks my runs will get gradually shorter and generally slower, hopefully my legs will start to recover and on the day will feel good as new! On race day, I’ll be looking at getting up early eating some simple carbs and having a short black coffee a few hours before the race. This is something that I will have practiced and means that I won’t even have to think about it on the day, this means I can be more focused on the goal at hand.