Nathan’s Journey Week 11 – Racing and Pacing

We are currently 6 days out from the Werribee Mansion Fun Run. Over the week I’ve done a little less running, which has given me some time to do some research into the run. With a goal time of 45 min’s for 10 Km, looking at the race times over the past few years would mean I finish in the top 20 runners in a field of about 400. This has really helped to put the time into perspective and has made me pretty nervous that I’m not going to make this challenge. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try!

I know my best chance of running at 4’30” Pace is going to be running consistently at this pace. Not running any slower or faster at the start than at the end, this is difficult as I know that my race day experience isn’t enough to know how fast I’m running. Relying on technology poses it’s own problems such as being a distraction from the task at hand. However being a smaller race, a 45 minute pacer is going to be unlikely on the day. So relying on GPS tracking via  a phone or GPS watch is probably the best option going into the race.

As there is will be a significant rest after the race itself, the goal shifts slightly away from injury prevention towards speed. As a Podiatrist who deals with injuries every day this is always a difficult concept. Injuries during races are common, particularly when you’re going into a run with a few niggles. The risk of flaring these injuries up goes up during the race. This is why rest before (tapering) and after the race is so vital. By letting my body recover as much as possible will hopefully mean that I can complete the race at goal time without getting any significant injuries.