Nathan’s Journey – Week 3

This week Nathan’s Journey has been a great story! From experiencing pain after a 6.5Km run last week to no pain after a 10.9Km Run this week, what an improvement. This week has been hot, with most days being over 35 degrees and some not dropping much below 30 over night. Running is always hard in the heat, the body responds as well as it can by sweating but after this unfortunately you’re going to be forced to slow down or stop one way or another!

Key Points This Week: 

  • Running during hot weeks is hard! During the Melbourne summer it can be hard to find a time to complete your runs throughout the time of day that isn’t detrimental to your health.
  • Rehab, rehab, rehab: I may end up saying this every week but this week has proven the rule of doing your work provides the results. After training and rehabbing regularly this week, Nathan has been able to complete a much longer run than expected and without any pain.
  • Back to basics: Hydration and rest are keys when the training get’s tough.

This week has been a big win for Nathan and the TFC team this week. Spirits are high and we’re looking forward to another strong week next week. Still lot’s of action or social media pages!

Christopher Wevling

Podiatrist @ TFC Podiatry

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