Nathan’s Journey – Week 4

This week, our Podiatrist Nathan Pring‘s journey has been a good one. The main difference this week has been the increase in rehab and treatment techniques that Nathan is using. Over the past week Nathan has had 2 big changes when it comes to his treatment plan. You may have seen these on our social media channels.

  • Number 1 has been Nathans new custom foot orthotics. Nathans new orthotics which are shown above have been added to Nathan’s treatment regime as after an assessment with the Podiatrist at TFC Podiatry it was determined that Nathan’s foot posture was a risk factor for injury. This was based on visual gait analysis which showed Nathan’s feet to be very rigid and high arched which led to poor shock absorption and a twisting/ bowing of his achilles tendon. Now Nathan has some new shoes and some new custom foot orthotics his pain has continued to improve whilst his running has increased.
  • Number 2 was a more comprehensive proximal rehab plan from the Physiotherapists at PCP Yarraville. Huge shout out to the wonderful team there for identifying some strength and mobility imbalances and helping Nathan to address this with a more comprehensive home exercise plan.

At this stage Nathan is feeling confident with the 10 K distance after a decent run that you may have seen last week. It’s time to add some pace in there! The once a week longer run is going to stay at a slower speed with the two shorter runs should be either at or below the 10k target race pace of 4’30”.

Christopher Wevling

Podiatrist @ TFC Podiatry

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