Nathan’s Journey – Week 5

Another week down guys! This week training has been ticking along nicely, with the evenings starting to cool down nicely. The runs are starting to become less limited by the heat, meaning a couple of test runs at race pace. If you’ve been following the instagram or facebook pages. You will have seen a few good pace runs including a run of almost 5K’s at race pace of 4’30”. This is a good sign  7 weeks out from the race as it means that we can continue to improve endurance over the next couple of months and even hopefully have the leniency of pulling back a little bit from training over the final couple of weeks to ensure that the legs are feeling fresh on race days.


  • Rehab this week has been effective and the last 2 weeks have been great from an injury point of view.
  • Race pace and distance is on track 7 weeks out.

This has been a good training week with smooth sailing. I wish every week was as easy as this!

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