Nathan’s Journey Week 6

After a solid week of effort in regards to training and rehab this week, there have been some solid gains in regards to Nathan’s Achilles and his running. After working on both localized Achilles strength and mobility as well as more globalized lower limb mobility and strength. The Achilles is now pulling up without pain after every run. This has been great timing as the next couple of weeks the training load will be peaking. Nathan is still not at the point where he is running in his orthotics but is now wearing them for a full day of walking. This appears to be complimenting the rehab program well.

  • The training load for the next month will be at it’s highest as we take advantage of this time where we can build endurance and speed before tapering training a few weeks before the run.
  • Rehab has to stay consistent from now until the run to ensure that Nathan is able to complete the run under his goal time and without pain.

Things are still going well, but the next few weeks are going to be a real test for Nathan!


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