Nathans Journey Week 7

This week has showed further improvements in Nathan’s endurance and speed. With a strong run of almost 15K’s only 40 seconds per Km over race pace Nathan is feeling confident but aware of the upcoming challenge. As Nathan has increased his training load significantly this week his rehab has had to be top-notch. If you’ve been following our social media this week you would have seen a demonstration of all of the stretches, strengthening and mobility work. We have also been able to show all of Nathan’s changes in regards to his footwear and orthotics as well as the treatments that he has undergone.

It’s been great to be able to show everyone the full treatment plan that the Podiatrist’s at TFC Podiatry can implement and the things that it can allow our patients to achieve!

As the training will be intense for the next few weeks rehab, treatment and injury prevention will have to be on top form.

Keep tuned to our social media channels over the coming weeks to keep track!

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