Nathans Journey Week 8

As this is Nathan’s first fun run and he’s around about 4 weeks out from the race. It’s been time to talk about things like tapering and general preparation for race day. When looking to achieve a time that is going to be difficult or borderline impossible to achieve, it’s necessary to think about every detail of race day. This includes things like what shoes you’re going to run in, how you’re going to pace yourself, how you’re expecting injuries to feel, what you’re going to eat and everything in between.

As race day can be just as important as all of the preparation leading into it, it should be taken to lightly. Ensuring you get adequate sleep and tested as many variables out as possible will lead to the best performance with the least hiccups and stress.

Dealing with injuries leading into race day is important. Pushing through pain or ending up with worse injuries are frustrating outcomes to a run and can ruin the experience. Going into a run with the best possible information around your injury can be vital. For example, Nathans Achilles injury like many soft tissue injuries warms up and the pain reduces. One helpful way of reducing the pain for Nathan may be to go for a kilometer or so slow run to warm up the tissue and help with any possible pain during the race.

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