Nathans Journey Week 9 – 3 Things I’ve learned

The last 9 weeks of training has been a tough journey. Rehabbing a chronic Achilles injury at the same time as running way further than I have ever run before has shown to me that it is possible to achieve your goals with a great treatment plan but it is still hard! The point of this journey was to learn as much as possible about the journey from a 1st hand point of view so that I can help inform my clients of what to expect when they are going through a similar journey. Here a few things that I’ve learned.

  1. Do not expect everything to go as expected. Unfortunately pain is not simple, pain stemming from muscle or joint pain is not consistent. This may mean that it’s not consistent between different people but it’s also not consistent between days of the week or even between different runs! This can feel pretty demotivating when it becomes so hard to predict. Realising that it’s normal is a great way to keep spirits high and keep motivated to keep rehabbing!
  2. Pain changes. Sometimes pain doesn’t necessarily feel better or worse than previous days, but it can feel completely different. This can also be frustrating as it can make you feel like you may be treating a condition that doesn’t exist. Or may be treating a condition that used to exist but feels like it could be different? Unfortunately this is also completely normal and is part of the process of dealing with sports injuries.
  3. Training is vital. This one seems like it should go unsaid, but without the past 2 months of training. There is no way I’d feel like I was able to go and compete in a 10K run in 45 Minutes. This task is still going to be difficult, but it actually feels like an achievable goal!

Over the next few weeks until its race time, it’s going to be all keeping things together. Practicing all things to do with race day and crossing my fingers!


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