Netball Series: Footwear

Netball Footwear

With the netball season fast approaching, it is the perfect time to discuss netball footwear and why (if you haven’t already) you should be making the switch to netball shoes!

We all know that it is important to have the right tools for the job. The same principle applies when it comes to footwear for netball. Netball is a very dynamic sport with lots of change of direction, lateral movements, and high-impact landing. Therefore, it is important that your footwear is suitable for the job. 

Celebrity athletes and social media often influence our footwear choices, along with our own colour and brand preferences.  However, it’s important to select a shoe that will provide the support and structure best for your feet for netball.

Image by Mizuno Australia 2018

Features of a Netball Shoe

Netball shoes are designed to match the forces and movement required in netball as well as the surface netball is played on.

  • Netball shoes are built for multi-directional movements (forward, backward, and side to side) whereas running shoes are better for single direction movement (forward).
  • The sole of a netball shoe is durable enough to withstand pivoting, hard change of direction, and rough surfaces such as asphalt. In addition, have excellent grip on both outdoor and indoor courts to stop sliding and slipping.
  • A durable upper built to withstand lateral foot movement and reduce the foot sliding over the side of the shoe. The durable upper also prevents ripping which commonly occurs with running shoes.
  • Additional cushioning throughout the shoe to absorb hard impact and forces associated with netball-specific movements.

Injury Prevention

Netball-specific footwear can also play a vital role in injury prevention. Netball is, unfortunately, a well-known sport for knee, ankle, and foot injuries, but with the correct footwear for the job combined with adequate strength, conditioning, and netball-specific training, the risk of these injuries can be significantly reduced.

Footwear with adequate lateral stability, such as a netball shoe can reduce the likelihood of an injury such as a lateral ankle sprain. Correctly fitted netball-specific footwear can also assist in reducing the development of those painful and annoying blisters.

How can TFC Podiatry help you?

At TFC Podiatry, we can help you switch from runners to supportive netball footwear. Be the best you can be this netball season, with the perfect pair of netball shoes.

We even have a netball expert in both locations. Jane Cook, originally from regional Victoria, relocated to Melbourne to pursue both academic and elite sporting goals. She has played in an elite national team in Adelaide and currently plays for the City West Falcons in the VNL. Jane is available Monday – Thursday in Point Cook & Wednesday and Friday in Yarraville.

Come see us at our two locations in Point Cook and Yarraville, or give us a call on 03 9191 0117


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