Orthotic Repairs and Assessment

Point Cook and Yarraville

Orthotic Assessment and Modification in Point Cook and Yarraville

Picture of a podiatrist fitting an orthotic onto a foot

Orthotic repairs


Orthotic may require reparation or improvement. Orthotic repairs allow these devices to be returned to their original condition or changed to better suit each patient. As orthotics are a treatment plan designed to be used every day, they may acquire some wear and tear damage overtime. As a result, TFC podiatry offer a service to repair orthotics that our podiatrists have prescribed. This means that instead of buying new orthotics, we can arrange to have them refurbished so that they last longer.


Moreover, by having the utilities to repair orthotics, TFC podiatry is able to make alterations to improve the biomechanical design of orthotics. Upon clinical assessment by our podiatrists, it may be decided that another design may be better suited to your feet and their structure and function.

Why would you need orthotic repairs?

There may be problems with the condition of your orthotics such as;

      Separation of cover from orthotic device base


If you feel that your orthotics are not able to relieve your symptoms and improve your feet function, simply book in with our podiatrists at TFC podiatry for an orthotic assessment. If determined that alterations or improvements are required, our podiatrists can offer this service. Signs that you may need your orthotics repaired include;

      Finding orthotics uncomfortable

      You are still experiencing symptoms for which orthotics are designed to treat

      You feel as though your orthotics are not providing the support that you require

Why do orthotics become damaged?

Orthotics are designed, and function best when they are used every day. This means that they are prone to wear and tear. Moreover, the often moist environment of shoes facilitates further damage to the orthotics. Although, they are designed with durable materials designed to endure everyday activities, they are still vulnerable to damage under the constant weight of the body.


Depending on what kind of activities you take part in each day and what your foot biomechanics are like, your orthotics may be more prone to damage. If you are finding that your orthotics are becoming frequently damaged, it may be helpful to discuss the option of changing the material of the orthotics with your podiatrist. This may will allow the orthotics to better suit what they are subjected to day-to-day.


What will be done to your orthotics and how long will they be gone for?

You will need to drop off your orthotics for a review of their condition and a quote for the cost of refurbishment. Here, our podiatrists will determine any improvements that are required and what is needed to restore them to their original condition. This may require re-covering the orthotics or adding padding.


The orthotics will be repaired onsite by our trained podiatrists at TFC podiatry and will be available for pick up after a short period. This usually take 2-10 business days. Repairs and alterations may involve using new top cover materials or adding new devices to the orthotics such as padding, posts or heel lifts.


How will this help you?

There are many reasons why having your orthotics repaired or altered can be beneficial. Some of which include

      Comfort; having a smooth and well fitted orthotic encourages comfort

      Redesigning your orthotics to better meet your needs and symptoms

      Increase the length of time before you need to buy new orthotics