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Information on Partial Nail Avulsions

Partial Nail Avulsions or PNA's are a minor surgery that can be performed in the Podiatry clinic chair. With the use of sterilised instruments and Local Anaesthetic's it is a minimally painful procedure that usually only requires 2 small needles into the toe to cause effective numbing.

Partial Nail Avulsion's are performed by suitably qualified Podiatrists and provide a long term solution by removing the a side portion of the toe nail permanently. Given that a sufficient amount of toe nail is removed and regrowth does not occur, this in turn allows the toe nail to grow away from the skin without causing any pain or ulceration known as an Ingrown Toenail

The process for undergoing a Partial Nail Avulsion through The Foot Clinic is to book in an appointment and have a chat! There is no referral required and there is no commitment to undergo surgery once an appointment is made. Once you have booked in an initial consult a conversation will be had around suibtability for the procedure. This appointment will include a full medical history and foot health check.

The procedure usually requires 2 small needles into the affected toe to achieve numbness and this should be the entirety of pain that should be felt during the procedure. After the procedure you will be left with a wound where the nail has been removed and a bulky dressing will most likely be in place for the first few days until the first review appointment. After this, the dressing should be replaced with a smaller, less invasive dressing that will fit into most shoes. The wound may take up to 4 weeks to fully close up.